The Great Revolution ended the Highlords’ tyranny two hundred years ago, but the legacy of that epic war, and that of the principle architects’ descendants, lives on. With the Highlords’ death and their taking magic, as it was once known, to their graves, Eidolan fell into a time of darkness and its cities lived in isolation. However, some people, dubbed arcanists, discovered a new form of magic and the airships returned to the skies, rejoining the cities in trade as well as conspiracy, but a new darkness, more dreadful and deadly than any they faced before, is coming.

Kiera is a fifteen-year-old night bird, one of many who flit about after dark, stealing whatever they can find in order to survive. She lives on a derelict airship in the poorest part of the city with Wesley, a young man with a penchant for lying and plies his trade as an “escort” to wealthy older women, and his little brother Russel, an autistic savant who communicates only through sign but who could secretly be the most powerful arcanist the empire has ever known. Deep in debt to the Underlord Nimat, Kiera decides dives into ever more dangerous schemes that puts her at the heart of secret war between various factions that could spell the destruction of not just the city, but the very empire.

Coming Soon (2017)