So, what am I doing right now? In a rare moment of multitasking, I have sent a new novella to my editor and my cover artist tentatively called Amelia (Battle for Ardentia). I am also working one the sequel to Highlords of Phaer and developing this website.

I am very excited to introduce you to Amelia. It is a project that came to me within days of learning that my sister had cancer. While the story does not directly relate to her, Kellie showed the same defiant will to fight that Amelia does, as do so many people who are, or has been, stricken with this awful disease.

Amelia is a little different than my other books but shares a similar core. I hope to bring you along on a fantastic journey while never straying far from home.

Amelia (Battle for Ardentia): Amelia is a precocious, ten-year-old girl with a vivid imagination. In her alter-ego guise of a demigoddess warrior princess, she fights against a powerful demonic sorcerer named Romut and his horde of monsters in a never-ending series of battles to protect the people of her imaginary world. However, the true battle strikes closer to home when Amelia is diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now Amelia must fight not just the evil living in her imagination, but for her very life.